Friday, February 11, 2011

Lexi's contacts

Lexi continues to do pretty well on her contacts.  I would say that she is self-releasing about 10% of the time.   But, when she does, we just ignore it.  It's hard to do..

Here's a video of her most recent attempts.  (Please notice her teeter performance near the end...thanks Stuart, it's going well!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Random video updates

Bentley's contacts are worsening, if that's possible.  We tried putting a jump (or standard) at the bottom of the contact obstacle to get him to change his stride, but he refuses.  He either continues to jump from right above the yellow, or jumps off the side of the dogwalk in order to not have to adjust his stride.

Lexi's weaves are progressing fairly well.  She knows her job, she just sometimes gets too focused on the obstacle ahead and pops out around pole 10.  We're working on it...

Here's a good video that showcases one of Lexi's strengths...her responsiveness to differences/transitions between obstacle and handler focus.

Speeding up a 2o2o

As noted in my previous post, Lexi had significantly slowed on her contacts in an attempt to do it correctly.

After a couple weeks of working with Stuart's double target method, we're seeing marked improvement.  Her dogwalk speed has doubled!  She's now running the dogwalk in around 2.5 seconds (sometimes as low as 2.1!) Previously, it was over 4 seconds.

Here's a video from a week ago that shows her improvement: