Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April LCDA Trial

This time I made one video for each dog (not sure if that's better than 1 video per run?) so there are little comments before each one.

Here is Bentley's:

I was incredibly happy that he got a Steeplechase Q (it was ugly, but there was only one other dog that didn't get eliminated!), and a Masters Jumpers Q. He now only needs 1 more for his Jumpers Master. He also got 2 of 3 dogwalk contacts this weekend--wow! Of course the one he didn't get was the important one (Standard), but oh well. So proud. He finished the weekend with a Steeplechase Q, a Steeplechase Finals win (made $12!), a Masters Jumpers Q, and a Masters Pairs Q.

And here are Lexi's:

Lexi was great. Her attention and contacts deteriorated as the days went on, but I expected that. She still didn't miss a contact, so that's great. We can always go back to targets and holding her 2o2o in practice. She also had weave pole issues occasionally, but I expected that too. The only run that was truly ugly was her Steeplechase run, but I think it was just too much for her (wide turns, anyone?) She was such a good girl. She finished the weekend with two Starters Gamblers Qs, a Starters Standard Q, a Starters Pairs Q, and a Starters Jumpers Q.

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  1. I am glad they are making such great progress.