Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Car Update

As an update to my previous post on car safety, I figured it was time I post about our new (dog) car.

It took us a while, but we are so happy with our new car. We can finally fit two crates and still have four seats for people! Or, we can fold the back seats down and we have a ton of storage space! And, dare I say it...there's even room for a third crate... ;)

It took us a while to figure out, but we were able to find a way to strap in the crates so that they are secured in the event of a crash.  We even still have access to the storage below the cargo liner.

It was really nice that the car not only has a lot of room, but several d-hooks where we could hook the ratchet straps.

Hopefully we never need the 3rd row of seats because those crates are really in there!

And if anyone is looking for measurements, the Acadia is 48" wide between wheel wells.  You can see that two 30" crates side by side fit with extra space.  They are 19" wide each.  I think that behind the second row of seats to the back hatch is around 48" as well.  If you fold the back seats down, the cargo space is 87" long!


  1. Nice car!! The change in blog header is nice too.

  2. Cool car!

    Love those pictures of Bentley and Lexy!

  3. Nice! I have an Element, took the back seats out, and can fit 4 sheltie size crates or 2 sheltie and 1 BC size. But yours looks really nice! I could use a little more comfort :)

  4. Jealous of your new car :) it's look really cool and I like the strap to secure the cages. We are looking for a new car too but I am not sure this one cam fit 7 Shelties?