Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tournament Trial Pt. II

Grand Prix:
One thing I can say about this trial is that Lexi didn't miss a single weave entry!  I think it was a combination of the entries being a bit easier, Lexi being a bit more careful, and me setting her up for success.

I was a bit worried in this run about getting her from 3 to 4 without her taking the a-frame (as she is more likely to push out to get the "easier" thing), but a bit of a hesitation from me and I think I said her name, and she was good to go.

Jonathan gave me a hard time because towards the end of the day I started bailing on all my planned front crosses.  This run was no exception.  I had planned a front on the other side of 4 (the tunnel) but worried I wouldn't make it (and was tired I guess) and rear crossed on the flat after the double.  It worked out, though I'm lucky Lexi didn't drop the bar since I gave her the information a bit late.  And then we had the same issue out of the chute.  I guess I need to start giving her the information as she goes in, because it's too late even if I show her as soon as she comes out.  We're lucky we weren't close enough to jump 14 to get called for a refusal.

Even with that, we came in first place and earned a bye to regionals!

Bentley really made me laugh with his 2o2o on the dogwalk in this video.  So silly!  Obviously it's still a work in progress, but he is definitely trying to understand what we want.  Also, poor guy had to jump over Jonathan's feet when he had a really late front cross to the a-frame.  Lucky he still took the obstacle!

It did make me feel a bit better that Bentley almost went around Jonathan at the chute, too.  Must be a tough spot that if you don't cue it soon enough, they don't understand the turn.  Definitely something for us both to work on.  I wonder if in a blind obstacle like that if we need to cue a front cross before the dog enters...will have to think on that one.  Seems like the answer is yes.

Anyways, the end of Bentley run was great, and he ended up with a Q and second place!

I pulled her off of the tunnel in the corner like a bad handler.  I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've done that in the past couple trials.  I keep not trusting that she will take the correct end--and she always is planning on it!  I really need to work on this because it's actually one of Lexi's strengths and I don't want to give her a complex :) 
Looking at the course map I wanted to put a front cross in after 10.  But once again, I bailed (it was 10pm!) and put in a rear to the a-frame.  It ended up working really well, but I did feel like I wasted time/yardage.

Heading towards the weaves I knew I would have to show drastic lateral motion (vs. forward) because as I walked it, I realized that cuing the opposite end of the tunnel and the weave poles looks really similar to Lexi.  I didn't give her enough motion towards the weaves, but was able to call her off the tunnel.

Q and 2nd place!  We won $20!

Naughty a-frame contact for Bentley.  As usual, his contacts deteriorate as the trial goes on.  But again, we're fully aware that it's our fault.  And then you can see our little gambling dog deciding to take it upon himself to go out and get the far end of the tunnel.  Oops!  Again, Jonathan was able to call him off, get him into the weaves, and end clean for a Q and 1st place!  He won $35!

So to sum up the weekend, the dogs were first and second in all three events, and now they're 2/3 qualified for Nationals!


  1. Just awesome runs!!! LOL, I thought Bently was suppose to take that tunnel entrance too on Steeplechase. Your GP run with Lexi was beautiful, like dancing!!

  2. Wow, what a successful weekend for you guys! Congratulations!

  3. Really awesome runs. We don't have an trials until March :-( But I am starting a Euro-style handling course with Beckett on Sunday and Keltic's classes start again next weekend.

  4. Awesome! Congrats. Will you go to the USDAA Nationals this year? I am thinking of going, but it is a very long drive. It would be fun to meet.

    1. Yes, our plan is to be there. It's only about 5 hours from me I think. Would love to meet up. Keep me posted if you decide to go!