Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back to 2o2o Training

Back several years ago the purpose of this blog was to teach Bentley running contacts.  We gave up on that when he gained confidence and just jumped them constantly (not to mention we didn't have any idea what we were doing!) and went back to 2o2o thinking that if we set clearer criteria, we would have more success.  We did for quite some time (probably a year or so) but, his criteria ALWAYS deteriorates at a trial, and it's morphed into not even having a 2o2o on the a-frame.

But, we can't pull him in the ring because I'm sure the fault is ours (he is ring wise, and we've done a poor job teaching the criteria).  If you put Lexi in front of any raised piece of anything, and tell her "touch", she gets into a 2o2o.  Bentley has no idea what to do.  He tries laying on it, turning around the other way (2off2on) etc.  So it's further proof that we need to do more teaching.

So now we're teaching the criteria with his head down (to encourage him to drive to the bottom into position, a current problem) and the 2o2o.

We started in the house on a couch cushion (just barely raised off the ground) and then moved outside to a board.  But, in working with him outside (we have seriously limited time because the neighbor's dogs are outside 99% of the time), I think he understands the nose down, but still not the leg position.  If I help him get into position with my motion, he's got it, but he isn't quite there on his own.

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  1. I have been through the same with my Saturn. He's very good with his 2o/2o at training and at home but he lost it all when going to competitions.
    We have tried to "fix" the problem over the winters where there is no competition but we failed miserably. Later, we tried to change the "command/cue" and the position. When I first thought him, he has to run all the way down and lie flat on the contact 2o/2o. I spent 4 months doing nose touch on the wall with him standing and giving him a totally different command. He used to swing around side way to watch me, so I used the puppy pen to build like a channel so that he can't move around apart from going straight ahead. I then gradually transfer that behaviour onto a plank (still indoor); funny though, the minute he sees the plank, he immediately offered me the down 2o/2o position. We spent another 6 months on that. I have an Alley Oop targeting stick which I stick in front of the contact to make him stand up rather than lie down. We gradually move that outdoor and onto full Dog Walk. I weaned the Alley Oop off but replacing with treat at the bottom (with him still on stand position). After that, I move the treat further away from the contact, he needs to stretch himself to get the food but the two back legs still on the contact. This taken me 18 months in total to fix the problem. I hope that give you an idea?