Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I know--I've been MIA from the blogging world for a long time.  I really want to keep up with it, and have so much to say, I just haven't had time.

Today is no exception--too busy and stressed to catch up on the past few months.

We've moved in with my parents as we look for a house.  While I'm super grateful for that option, it isn't ideal.  We don't have our own space, a friend is keeping our cat and we miss him (my parent's cat doesn't like him), our dogs are stressed out, we have no routine, etc.

I was feeling really down about life in general and then we found the perfect house.  We'd been looking for months, and I was getting really discouraged.  We have a specific set of things we want, a budget (obviously), and nothing was the total package.  I don't even think we were being unrealistic, just the market here is super competitive.  We put in an offer yesterday, and their realtor KNEW we were putting in an offer, and he didn't wait for us and they accepted an offer before they even reviewed ours.  Usually they do a "highest and best" and give us the opportunity to make a better offer (which we would have because we absolutely adored the house), but they didn't, and we lost out.

Now we will be in my parents' house for who knows how long.  There are no other houses out there.  I am so stressed.  I know there are way worse things in life, and I'm lucky to have all the things that I have, but my stress level is so high, so is Jonathan's, and even the dogs don't seem happy.


  1. We can certainly understand about the not posting. We get so busy and then frustrated because we still fall behind.

    As upsetting as it is to lose a bid, hopefully something better is around the corner. Life has a funny way of happening.

  2. Wow, that's a bad agent who won't bring multiple contracts to the table. Now those people selling their house lost money. Shame.

  3. There are houses for sale in my neighborhood. Probably not the area you are looking in though. Hope you find something good soon!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your "awful" situation. We all like our own pace and privacy. I can understand the stress, I hope you and Jonathan are able to find a house soon, so you can get back into a happy family again.

  5. I know it is difficult to go through times like these. Do you have a tent? Do your parents have a yard...why not pretend to go camping on the weekends and stay outside with the dogs. A fun idea to get your own space. When something similar happened to me (I was single) I would spend a great deal of time walking around San Francisco instead of coming home and sitting on the couch. That aside, the stress of purchasing a home can be one of the most difficult life experiences to go through. Coupled with living with your folks...just a period of time you'll look back on in future years and say, "I don't want to do that again." All I can say is be kind to each other. Don't rush or feel that purchasing is your only option and try to enjoy your time with your family (I know...) :) vici