Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Too Much Sadness

Today a friend of mine lost her 4 year old sheltie unexpectedly.  She was young, spirited, and fun.  My friend is devastated.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I lost one of my two, and I've been depressed all day at the thought.

So today, I thought I would make a list of the 10 unique reasons why I love each of my dogs.  Everyone loves their dogs because they are cute, or sweet, or smart, or cuddly.  So here are some things that my dogs do that I just adore.

1.  I love that if you are late with a command in agility he lets out a bark.  I like to say that he "grrs" at us.
2.  I love that sometimes he goes and plucks a toy out of the toy box and just noms on it.  He doesn't play with it, it's a cross between suckling and chewing.  He closes his eyes and just looks so happy about it.
3.  I love that he tries so hard when you have a treat.  And if he can't figure it out, he just circles and circles and I can see the little wheels spinning in his head wondering "what does she want?!?!" because he wants to please us.
4.  I love that Bentley loves my husband and I equally.  One day at a park we ran in opposite directions to see what he would do, and he stood stock still, as if refusing to make a choice!
5.  I love the way Bentley wiggles his butt at us when we get home.  He doesn't bark, just wiggle-wiggle-wiggles everywhere.  Now when I spread my arms out like I want to give him a big hug, he starts the wiggling all over again.
6.  I love that Bentley puts up with Lexi's nonsense.  No matter how much she pokes and prods at him, he has never once so much as snapped at her.  He is the perfect big brother.
7.  I love that Bentley sees us as his protector.  When he has had enough, he comes over and tries to hide behind my husband and I.
8.  I love that Bentley was willing to try whatever I asked of him.  Obedience?  He's a natural heeler!  Agility?  ADCH!  I have to thank for the many amazing experiences I've had, and the many friends I've made through shelties and dog sports.
9.  I love that Bentley is the best napping partner in the whole world.  If you're sleeping, so is he, and he never gets tired of it.
10.  I love when Bentley looks at me with his slightly-too-round eyes.  I feel like I can see into his soul.

1.  I love that Lexi is in tune with everything around her.  She follows us from one room to the next.  She never sleeps deeply, because the second we are up, so is she.  She knew when a very minor earthquake hit (we couldn't feel it), she knew when Bentley was sick, and she knows when something is amiss.
2.  I love that Lexi can't take no for an answer, but it's somehow adorable.  If she wants to play with a toy, she will politely ram it into your leg until you throw it for her.
3.  I love that this girl is up for anything.  She will go for a hike, she'll catch a frisbee, she'll give flyball a shot, wading into the lake, etc. and she does it all with a joie-de-vivre and enthusiasm that is unrivaled.
4.  I love that despite her crazy, she always finds time to cuddle whether it's on my lap while I drink my morning coffee, or it's curling up on top of my pillow when we nap.
5.  I love that no matter what we're doing, she is giving it her all.
6.  I love that she trusts me implicitly.  I'm not sure why, but she has always been worried about things, but she knows that we will not force her to do something that will hurt her.  So she is brave for us--and always seems proud when she steps out of her comfort zone.  When she is scared, she crawls into our laps as if she knows we will keep her safe.
7.  I love that we can take her anywhere.  Boat, ferry full of people, restaurant, outdoor mall, local fair, and she is well-behaved and people can't get enough of her.
8.  I love that she tries so hard to please us.  She has allergies in the fall, and I discourage her from chewing on her feet.  I can actually see her trying not to bite at them just to make me happy.  She also wakes up in the morning and lays on my (or my husband's chest) quietly.  As if she knows we would prefer not to be woken (though clearly being laid on and stared at does the trick, haha!)
9.  I love that she seems to greet each day as if it were the best of her life.  She bounds out of bed, smile on her face, and gives a happy bark every single morning.
10.  I love that this girl sees right into my heart.  She is mine and I am hers.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend`s dog. It`s hard to lose them when they are older but when it`s unexpected it`s even worse. I lost my first two bi-blacks when they were a little over 7. I beat myself up wondering if there was things I should have noticed sooner or other things I could have done. Hope your friend is all right.

  2. I was sorry to hear about that 4 year old Sheltie too. Way too young. I love your list of "loves' about each of your dogs. I can so relate to many of them.