Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1

So Day 1 is in the books!

Sorry about the bad words, it took me so long to edit and put the video together that I'm too tired to try to change the song.

Reps:  40
% Success:  65%

1.  Speed.  The faster we go, the more of a tendency he has to jump off the end.  However, if we slow down, he practically walks to the end of the board.  I think he does better towards the end, so I hope that this will come with repetition.

2.  Independence.  The good thing about this exercise is that it allows me to work in a lot of different places.  In the video, you'll see that in some cases we stay behind, in others we're on the left or on the right, running with him, walking, etc... This will hopefully eliminate another problem that Bentley has which is that he is very hesitant to perform contacts independently of us.

3.  Analysis.  The hardest part is determining what is a "jump" and what is a "running stride".  Some are obvious (like the first one!) and some are not.  I hope to get a better eye as we progress.

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