Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catching up

I only have a few short videos today.  The heat has kept us from doing much outside of a few short sessions a week.  We go to class, but handling two dogs is already too much to handle, so the camera doesn't quite make the cut.

The first is some work that we've been doing with Lexi on handling.  I really don't want to make the same mistake we made with Bentley.  Bentley was never taught to learn patterns since we babysat him through all (rounds, outs, pinwheels, serpentines).  It has taken us some time to go back and teach it and it has made our lives a lot easier.  We are now working these things with Lexi.  Here's a short video of Lexi's second attempt at a serpentine (we've been doing rounds with her previously).

I have a video that I wanted to post, but my computer's being difficult.  He hits about 50% of his dogwalk contacts--an example of the regression we've seen.  I'm sure it's because we just haven't been able to put the time in at the field.  We get up there twice a week, but sometimes after class it's just too hot, and he's too tired to focus.  I don't want to set him up to do poorly, but now we have a dog who has "forgotten" the stride.  We may need to go back and lower it to start again.

And here's a video of his A-frame.  I've actually been really pleased with his A-frame, but in this video he misses the second contact.  It's the ONLY time I've seen him miss his contact on this obstacle...ever!  I hope it was just a fluke, as he was very tired (we had class, then worked dogwalk, then a-frames).

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