Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some A-Frame Work

We finally had a break in the weather...and were able to get out to do some A-Frame and teeter work with the pups.

First, Lexi.
I think she is looking really good!  We are trying some proofing things with her 2o2o (note the running!)  She did pull off once, but seemed to understand after that.  She's coming over the top nicely, but she is slowing and skidding down.  I assume as she gets stronger that it will get a bit more fluid.

I'm also really impressed by her handling.  This is her first time doing a sequence at 16 (we only left them there for 2 runs for her) since she is just about 11 months old.  She seems pretty obstacle focused, which is a change.

Now, Bentley.  He actually missed three A-frame contacts the other day in practice.  I was really surprised, and very disappointed.  We took him out tonight, and he did great!  He didn't miss a single one!  I'm not sure what the deal was...but I'm going to keep changing the angle of the obstacle after the A-frame to continue to challenge him (and remind him where the yellow is!)

In the videos, note that he is doing a really nice out.  It might not seem far to most people, but it's amazing for us.  He also independently completes the A-frame after my husband stopped running.  I'm very happy about that.  His RC was also quite nice.

We then switched and did a little teeter work with Bentley.  His teeter isn't a huge priority of mine.  It's not great, but it works.  As long as I can get him to get through the yellow before our quick release, I'm happy.  He also gets a nice out on a 6-weave pole set.  That's usually really tough for him.

We also worked the teeter with Lexi some...and I think she's starting to get it!  She had been having trouble popping off as soon as the teeter banged.  Almost like she couldn't hold it.  We were letting her jump up the side, bang it, and get into position, but she had no trouble with that.  But as soon as we put her on the end and she ran down, she would get bumped off.  Today we put her on halfway at about mid-height, and let her run down and bang it.  I think she is learned to crouch down and balance herself, and did really well with this.


  1. Lexi is going to smoke Bentley, isn't she? Also, Bentley's outs are looking wonderful. Not sure Koji can do that yet, but hey, he's doing a wonderful 4-on (stop in the contact) for the most part. And love your husband's proofing for the stay's. They're awesome!

  2. Lexi looks great on the A-Frame!!! I love your choice of songs too :)

  3. Thanks, guys! By the way, I just learned how to check my comments, so I promise I haven't been ignoring comments. Just didn't know I had gotten any!

    And yes Cheryl, poor Bentley...Lexi is definitely going to smoke him. And thanks for the compliments...Bentley's outs have gotten a ton better.

    Glad you like the songs, Randi...I have to think about it some! Sometimes youtube blocks the songs I pick because of copyright :)