Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheating Dogwalk?

So we went out tonight and tested our theory.  I noticed the other day that if I slowed down at the end of the dogwalk, Bentley almost consistently strode through the contact zone without issue.

Consider our theory proven.  He hit 100% of the contacts when we slowed down on the downside of the dogwalk.  Unfortunately, it's not a great training method, but for now, it at least shows that he knows what we want, though he's cuing off the wrong command (the command being a deceleration).  What works:  hit the contact at full speed, decel on the downside and watch his feet...bingo!

And here's a quick video of our speed demon.  I know that we'll use more rear crosses than anything else with her, but we're trying to get her to slow down and focus on our body language and read a front cross.

1 comment:

  1. This is where at I'm with Koji. He gets it if I stop, but if I don't, he doesn't. One step at a time. As for your speed demon, once she gets more training, more distance, you'll stop the RCs and go back to FCs. :) That or run faster. She looks awesome btw.