Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Fun Post, and very very brief Teeter Update

First, the teeter update.  Apparently turkey is all it took.  Lexi is doing the teeter in the living room every which way she can think of (it's currently at around 18" high).  She'll jump on one end, get into position.  She'll even turn around and go right back to the other end (though I try not to encourage that!)  Anyways, this is the Lexi that I know, whose motto is "the world is my playground!" And that's exactly how I want her to feel about the teeter.  Next steps are to raise it to full height (probably in a day or two) and then sloooowly start to alter the tipping point using weights.

And since we don't have any tricks on video, I thought I'd share this fun one from November.  I got this little robot hamster for Christmas the year before and have discovered that the dogs (mostly Lexi) hate it!  Bentley just loves any excuse to bark!


  1. Good news about Lexi and the teeter!!

    Who knew a fake hamster could cause such a riot! :)