Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just a few training videos

I'm behind on my videos (uploading to youtube takes FOREVER!) so I'm just going to lump a couple together from last month in this post.

The first is more alphabet drills.  Have I mentioned I love this book?  This is letter "R".  I'm always surprised at how well Lexi handles some of the more difficult sequences.  Of course, it's a whole different monster when she's coming at this technical sequences at full speed (instead of in a "vacuum" in the backyard where she can't get a head of steam).  I should also point out that we are working really hard to stay "up" the whole time and add tugging as much as we can.  Lexi seems much happier (though she always seems happy...she is less frustrated)

As usual with Bentley the issue isn't staying close and making tight turns, it's when it's time to let him loose to drive ahead.

One thing I still need to work on is not bending over.  When I'm focusing on making clear cues, I bend over!  Ugh!

The second video is from our training session at the club (we rent it out a couple times a month).  We are lucky enough to be able to train with a friend, and she has Stuart Mah create some courses for us.  Of course, this one is one of the "easier" ones-ha!

Bentley had some issues with the weaves--so we definitely need to work independence.  Of course that's hard when the yard is a mud pit! He did have a very nice forward send in this video.

I was pretty proud of how Lexi handled the sequence off of the dogwalk.  Coming out of the tunnel at the end I lost her, and wasn't able to decel enough to cue a tight turn (and with the weaves out there she went very wide).  But very proud of both pups!

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