Monday, September 10, 2012

Mishmash Monday

Wish this photo weren't blurry!
What is her back leg doing?!


  1. Love the teeth!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. Gotcha!!!

    The first picture is like a jumping ballerina and the second one, Thai kick-boxing? : )

    Great shots!

  3. Just catching up on all your posts. I'm confused why Lexi can run around, leap in the air to catch a toy, and jump on furniture but not do agility? Why not do some performance agility? Lower the jump heights (in USDAA the spreads get taken out) and go have fun. Is it because he comes up lame in agility but not in running around the house?

    Just my thoughts, but if this is a congenital type of thing (loose knees?) then it is either rehab to make stronger or surgery. If it is an injury, it is rest, rehab, or surgery rest rehab.

    I just can fathom any sports ortho telling you to let him run around free, but not do agility. Makes no sense unless it is the contacts that are causing pain.

    I totally understand you getting depressed. When Fin was injured I gained 30 pounds! I was so frigg'n depressed, sad, frustrated, and of course "blamed myself." Fortunately I have one of the best ortho vets within 2 hours of me and was able to get the advice needed to rest then rehab her back to herself.

    So of course I'm on the other end of the US and am no help to you, don't know the whole story, and probably don't understand it either. But I do question the strategy just because it is clear that your dog is driven and loves to run. It confuses me why he can't in an agility ring, but can at home.

    Best of luck. Never fun and I send you hugs and good thoughts. Hope you are able to shake off the bad feelings and just enjoy your dog.