Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Good Sign

We took Lexi tonight to (yet another) veterinary chiropractor.  It's kind of a nuisance because there is only one vet in the area who is also a chiropractor.  I'm much more comfortable with a chiropractor that is a vet, too.  There is one other chiropractor (the one we saw last week) that is also a vet, but she works about an hour away and only comes to a local dog club once a month.

Lexi was adjusted tonight and the vet said that all of the adjustments were really minor.  He felt that we don't need to come back next week, but should get her adjusted once every two weeks (TOPS' instructions were to do it every week, and then back off as less maintenance was needed) so that's a really good sign.

It was funny because I asked the vet if he sees a lot of patients who want their dogs adjusteds.  He basically said that it is definitely a niche market, and that chiropractors don't get a lot of respect.  I think that's true for human chiropractors, too!

I realized that I take my dog to a vet chiropractor on a weekly basis, but I myself have never been.  I don't know if I would even want to go.  Somehow I believe it works for dogs, but am skeptical when it comes to humans.  No idea why.  Guess I want to believe that it's helping my dogs.

And anyways, I can only afford to get one of us adjusted!  I figure I'm making a choice to do agility, but I'm forcing that choice on Lexi.  The least thing I can do is to make sure she's in top shape!

Do I look like I might need adjusting after this?  


  1. Hooray for Lexi!

    I am with you: I am my own doctor but my dogs go to the vets.

  2. Yes, I bring Oreo in to his chiro all the time, but have never been myself! I do know it works for Oreo, because I've seen the difference immediately a couple times.

    Glad to hear that Lexi can stretch the visits out a bit. Good sign!

  3. Glad to hear that Lexi is doing so well with the chiropractor. I know what you mean - Jefferson eats better than I do!

  4. I love that picture!! One time Miley's back was really sore. I got her an adjustment and she was so much better. She still needed rest and time to heal. But I could now pet her back without her whip lash turning around to see what I was doing. Ive only had an adjustment once. Im not sure if it helped or not. My pain wasnt completely gone but it was less.