Friday, March 29, 2013

Michigan Again

Not a great showing for us.  I don't think the courses were the problem, I just think Lexi and I are still a green team which means we're pretty inconsistent.  We have some great weekends, and some not-so great ones.  And of course, our hotel was terrible and we got no sleep.  So that didn't help.

There was some incredible competition at this trial, and I've never been in a more competitive 16" class.  As an example, Bentley ran clean in Steeplechase and came in 11th place!  Sure, it wasn't he and Jonathan's best run, but that's saying something.

Masters Gamblers:
Not much to say about these runs.  I think 4 dogs total (Championship & Performance, ALL heights) Qd on this course.  It was REALLY tough!

Lexi:  Naughty, naughty contacts!

Bentley: Clearly, Bentley was feeling a little out of sorts at the beginning of the day.  Jonathan's cues weren't very clear, and Bentley wasn't up to snuff, either.

Masters Standard:
Lexi:  Our worst run in a while.  I knew the weave entry would be tough, and I wasn't pushing enough towards them, but I told her weave early and hoped she would look for them on her own.  Nope--I need to help more.  Got a pretty nice turn to the table, though :)  And then, why did she cut behind me?  That was reminescent of the Lexi of old--she was facing sort of behind me, and coming to my right side would have taken more effort, so she just didn't.  I guess I could have been more aggressive with my cue, but I have my arm out, and am looking over my shoulder.  And then she went SO wide coming out of the tunnel that I wasn't prepared and pushed her back in.  And then we were in that vicious cycle!  But, we got (and HELD) a lovely dogwalk contact.

Okay, and to focus on the positive.  I got AMAZING collection at the end.  I stopped and cheered for her and we ran off and got cookies.  I don't even care that she dropped the bar.  YAYAY!

Grand Prix:
Lexi:  Not a bad run considering this course had some similarities to our terrible standard run.  I knew the corner to the dogwalk would be hard, and she was pushing her contacts all weekend.  I didn't think I could get her to hold the teeter long enough, and I was right.  She broke too soon, and I wasn't able to get down and cue the jump and turn, so she peeled off too soon.

Bentley: Bentley wasn't really up to par this weekend.  I think he was feeling the after effects of his rough week.  He was significantly slower, missed his weaves a couple times, and dropped a few bars.  Very unlike him.  Still a good run, though.

Lexi:  I really agonized over whether or not to throw a blind in, but was afraid I wouldn't get there.  I sent Lexi to the tunnel and had SO much time.  I just stood there waiting for her!  But on the positive side, I was standing still and thus got a really nice, tight rear cross.  Then I watcher her and forget to get into position for the cross, and was late, and she cut behind me.  Same thing out of the weaves.  I stood and stared at her after my forward send, and forgot that I was front crossing.  Luckily Lexi forgave me!  We got a Q, too, which was an added bonus.

Bentley:  Jonathan admitted that he got a little lost on course (you can see some very late handling moves!) but Bentley was still clean.  I was happy that he got his a-frame contacts, though you can see that they were NOT 2o2os haha!  Anyways, poor Bentley was clean, and got a Q, but came in 11th place!

Masters Snooker:
Lexi:  Jonathan is SO good at Snooker.  He just GETS it, and always comes up with amazing plans.  We have had several people compliment him on his approach.  I wish I could think like that!  Anyways, he had a really great run with Lexi.  It was a bummer that she dropped that bar, because the opening was just perfect.  He wasn't planning on having her take the back side of 2, but he got turned around, and she dropped the bar.  
Bentley:  Mr. Reliable!  Jonathan didn't walk the course for Bentley (I was actually going to run him), but he decided to just run the course he had planned for Lexi.  Maybe not the best plan for him since he's not as fast off the line, but he still Qd!

Masters Jumpers:
Lexi:  I just love this run of ours.  Yes, she drops a bar, but it was the end of the weekend and knowing our trouble with Jumpers, I was so pleased with the remainder of the run.  She was really moving, and had the fastest time of the 16" dogs that ran (and as I mentioned, there was some SERIOUS competition!). 
Bentley:  Yay!  Good run, boys!

Steeplechase Finals:
Lexi:   I was really, actually, running all out in this run.  I figured, why not?  We didn't have anything to lose, so I thought it would be fun to just run hard.  And then Lexi was so excited about that idea, that she broke her a-frame contact! :)  And then I didn't push far enough into the weaves (recurring theme: no independent weave entry!), so we had to try those again.  And then, I'm a huge jerk.  I'm running too fast down the straight away that I don't show enough decel, and Lexi crashes the double.  She limped for a second and I was SO worried and felt horrible.  Then she realized she was okay, and jumped up and was fine.  WHEW.  (Don't worry, she went to the chiropractor after this day!)

Bentley:  Another good run for Jonathan and Bentley.  I will briefly mention his SERIOUSLY shaped RC at the end.  We've been getting on him for class for that, and it's crazy obvious at the end.  ;)


  1. I dont think you did anything to cause her to crash that jump. I think she was just a little wide and came in and had to slice the jump and miscalulated and landed on the bar. Im glad she is ok. It looked very scary.

    Agility is hard. Up one weekend, down the next. Lexi looked really good. One thing I would probably do different but this is just my opinion, when cueing a tight turn, cue it and move. Lexi is processing the information so fast and looking for the next obstacale that standing still isnt telling her anything. It could be why the bar is dropping. SO cue the turn and move, see if that helps.

  2. Thanks for sharing the maps and your videos. It helps me to look at the maps and figure out how I would handle Jefferson then watch how you and Jonathan handle Lexi and Bentley. Great runs, by the way!! Sure do miss having you guys down here in Charleston. Maybe we'll see you at a trial soon!!!