Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pennsylvania Trial: Day 1

Firstly, have to say, we had a GREAT time at a great facility.  It was a bit farther than we like to travel for a weekend (just under 4 hours), but it was well worth it.  First of all, it's a 2 ring trial, secondly the facility was top-notch, and third, they were nicely organized and we were done by 3 both days.

Masters Gamblers:

Lexi:  I thought that Lexi had a chance at turning into the tunnel, and then I thought if I could pull her out then I could send her back over the last jump.  But, I was so worried about showing motion that I showed way too much, and she went farther than I thought.  Oh well—she’s definitely got the distance part down J  I just need to work on my directions!

Bentley:…d’oh! So frustrating.  It was almost harder knowing how close we were.  Though in all fairness, most judges would have whistled him for the first attempt as a refusal, so the fact that we were over time really wasn’t as close as it looked.  Still, sucks knowing he was so close.  (Remember, he only needs 2 Gamblers Qs for his ADCH, but it could take an eternity!)

Masters Standard:

Lexi:  I knew going in that she needed 1 Q for her MAD, but I've been thinking that for a while, and we just couldn't put it all together.  This was our weekend!  We weren't perfect, and there were a lot of opportunities, but I felt positive about all (well, maybe not one of them...but we'll get there) of our runs!

Anyways, opening was lovely, and then my front cross after the teeter was SO late.  I'm lucky that there was nothing around and I was able to regain control.  Poor girl needs more information, and faster!  And then!  Wait for it...Wait for it...I DID A KETSCHKER IN A TRIAL!  It's not that they are hard, or anything, but they are new for me, and trying new things is something I struggle with.  Anyways, I think it went really well! And I thought it had a purpose (lots of people complaining that these are becoming more popular for no reason).  And then.  Another first.  I TRUSTED MY DOG!  I saw the angle of the chute to the weaves and I was worried.  That's a tough entry, and I know that Lexi tends to shoot out and go wide.  But, I thought I would show lateral motion before she got into the chute, and I said "weave" before she was even in the chute.  And she came out looking for the weaves!

She did trip on the way up the dogwalk, but was no worse for wear!  And she held her contacts ALL weekend.

Grand Prix:

Lexi:  Yeehaw!  One of our best runs of the weekend.  What an excellent girl!  (Got a little worried at first when another sheltie ran onto the course to say hello, but he was friendly).  Great turn off of the dogwalk with the backy uppy at the jump--and yes, I STILL celebrate when she collects because it doesn't always happen.  And then, I was worried about the weave entry (again, this is the one that is tough for Lexi), but I ran with her and set her line, and she had no issues!  And she came in first and got another bye :)

Bentley:  Another really nice run for J & Bentley!  Of course, you can see Bentley's lovely a-frame, but we'll ignore that part of the run!  I am so envious of the forward sends that he is able to get with Bentley.  They are always perfectly timed and nicely executed.  I think that Bentley's weaves were a bit faster this weekend, as well!

Masters Snooker:

Lexi: Lexi only needs Super Qs, which is a tough spot to be in.  There weren't enough 16" dogs in our class, so we had to compete against the 12" dogs.  In the 12" dogs were 2 dogs with their ADCHs, and one dog with several WAO medals.  Tough crowd!  I think that if Jonathan had sent Lexi to the tunnel sooner as he started the close, he could have gotten the 7 points at the end and the Super Q.  Oh well, still a really stellar run!

Bentley:  Provided nothing goes horribly wrong (see next day's snooker video as an example), snooker is a walk in the park for Jonathan and Bentley! This was their Snooker Champion-Bronze (15 Masters Snooker Qs!)

Masters Jumpers:

Lexi:  Don't worry, in case I was starting to feel too big for my britches after a very excellent day to this point, Lexi and I had a communication meltdown in jumpers.  I feel like it always happens in jumpers.  My trainer described jumpers as "highlight handling" and that's definitely the weakest part of our game, so I guess it makes sense that I find it so difficult.  Anyways, I'm willing to take full responsibility for our first off course. Showed way too much forward motion.   But the next one?  Is she mad at me?  Do I smell bad?  Are we doing gamblers and I don't know it?  Anyways, she keeps me humble :)

Bentley:  Of course little buddy gets out there and makes it look easy (well, except for that one jump that I'm still not sure how he didn't miss!)  With this run he got his Jumpers Champion!


Lexi:  Silly handling error by me.  I waited too long at the tunnel (again, need to trust her!) and then I was pushing out so far at the jump beyond the tunnel that she read it as a rear.  Can't blame her for that.  Don't know if you can tell, but after I sent her to the tunnel I was running as fast as I could.  That's what caused her to drop the bar out of the tunnel--so much acceleration.  But I had to do it to get out for the ending.  She had a very nice go on at the end!

Bentley:  Nicely done!  Bentley is so reliable, I just love that about him.  I think Jonathan is still trying to figure out the key between acceleration and getting too far ahead, but I think the encouraging him helps, as long as it isn't too distracting.


  1. Very nice runs!!! You guys are really coming togehter. The jumpers run was weird. She didnt read any of your front crosses. Maybe she was just to excited. Great weekend, Congrats!!

  2. Both dogs looks great! Congrats on Lexi's MAD and I know Bentley will get those gamblers Qs soon :)