Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trial Day 1

Here are the videos from yesterday's trial day 1.


There was a chance he could do this, which is such a huge departure from our  last trial.  He did get out, and then took the dogwalk.  Who can blame him since this is all we've worked for the past couple months?  But, I'm proud that he went out.  That's a big  step in the right direction.  Don't mind his horrible contact at the end.  I'm hoping it was because Jonathan didn't go with him.  But, it doesn't bode well for standard today.


This was our only chance to get Bentley's Advanced Snooker title.  Unfortunately, Jonathan started the rear cross too soon and he jumps off the a-frame.  Bummer.  Until next time, title!


We totally should have done better on this.  I'm still not sure why he misses the a-frame in this one.  Looks like I'm squared up?  Other than that, the rear cross was my mistake and next time I think I would have handled it differently.  His beginning was a lot smoother than I expected.  You can't see it, but he bailed a bit early on the a-frame.  Of course, it was a long, hot day, so I'm not sure I blame him.  His entrance to the weaves was spot on.  I meant to give him more room to approach, but sort of forgot, and he still nails it.  Woohoo!

So, no Qs yesterday.  As my husband said, when we were in Starters they "flowed like wine".  Now we have to really work at them!  Today is Standard, Grand Prix and Pairs.   Doesn't look good for our incomplete dogwalk training...

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