Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trial Day 2

Another long, hot day of agility!  When we started, the heat index was around 100.  Not too fun.  But, the dogs had fans and water, and seemed good to go.  Overall, we did a lot of good things today!


I was wavering about whether or not to pull Bentley if he missed his dogwalk contact.  I decided not to because I realized I couldn't stare at his feet, watch the judge, and try to get Bentley to the next obstacle.  Also, the dogwalk was the second obstacle and I wanted him to get some trial time in.  That being said, it looked to me like he blew the contact, but we kept going.  We also had a chute as the first obstacle, which I have never seen before, so I decided not to lead out.  It worked well.  Speaking of the dogwalk, you see the judge call the fault, but then he asked the scribe to remove it.  I'll take it!  I was extremely pleased with his tandem turn at the pinwheel and definitely want to keep using that one.  He barks at me and actually gets up while on the table, but did lay back down.  And for the FIRST TIME, I lost track of the course!  Thank goodness Bentley allows me to correct my mistake and we finished it--our first advanced standard Q!


Pretty not so great run all together.  Meg, our partner, did well (just a 5 point fault), and then we blew the dogwalk contact, and knocked a bar (not sure why?), so we were about 7 seconds over course time because of our 15 faults.

Grand Prix:

There were some really tough discriminations in this one, and actually one JUST like the one we struggled with in practice.  Bentley did great!!  Unfortunately, he decided that 11 p.m. was too late to weave, and got eliminated because of 3 refusals at the weaves.  He did get his dogwalk contact (must have been tired!), so I'm happy about it!  I tried to get my husband to do a tandem turn at the pinwheel, but he wanted to do a front cross.  Apparently Bentley heard me, and did the tandem while my husband attempted a front cross.  :)

So, one Q today, and I'm very happy!  Tomorrow is Jumpers and Steeplechase finals.

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