Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trial Day 3

Proud of our little guy today.  He did some really great things this weekend.  As usual, lots of work to do, but he did some great things.


I was so tired this morning (Bentley was up at 5:30!), but I had a good feeling about this run.  He handled really well, but DARN IT if he didn't drop the first bar.  I have no idea what happened, I may have set him up too close.  The angle was funny, but I didn't think it would phase him.  Again, so proud of his out to a pinwheel.  It makes my job so much easier!  He also had another nice tandem turn towards the end.  He was pretty fast for him, and ran it in about 34 seconds (the timer didn't work, so they just gave us SCT--41 seconds, but I watched the video and timed it out of curiosity).

Steeplechase Finals:

Unfortunately you can't Q in finals, so it was just for placement/money.  I was very proud of Bentley.  A couple pinwheels, front crosses, and weaves.  His weaves (once he got in!) were nice, and his pinwheels too. Knocked a bar, but that was Jonathan's fault from his cross.  Not too quick, about 40 seconds (then add on his 5 second fault), but he came in second and won $15!

Next step in training is more dogwalk work (obviously), weave pole entries, and speed.

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