Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contact work

Just a quick post with a couple videos from last night.

The first is Lexi's teeter.  About a month ago she refused the teeter, and has been spooked ever since. She hasn't had a bad experience, and we're really not sure where this came from.  That being said, we basically had to start her teeter training all over.  She's not 100% ready yet, but here's her gaining confidence on the teeter, not quite at full height.

Now Lexi on the dogwalk.  She doesn't need the target plates, but I think we'll leave them down for practice to reinforce her driving to the bottom.

And Bentley's dogwalk.  Still needs a lot of work.  We've put hoops on the end to work more on him keeping his head down and driving rather than jumping off the end (which he's still doing).

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