Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Boomer Ball

Out at the agility field today, I found a Boomer Ball ( that someone left behind.   Lexi loves to play with soccer balls, and this ball is supposed to be somewhat indestructible, and built specifically for dogs.

It is made of a durable plastic that is supposed to withstand chewing.  But, I found that the plastic was too hard for a little dog.  Lexi didn't seem to mind, but I was uncomfortable with her banging her head against it all the time as she herded it around the field.  Also, I was afraid that it would hurt her if she ran in front of it when I kicked it to get it moving.  But, she did love it, as she loves any big ball she can nose around.

All in all, I'd rather stick with a cheap $2 ball from Wal-Mart or a cheap soccer ball.

1 comment:

  1. Bailey loves her $2 walmart ball. Surprisingly, she has never popped one. Her doggie friend's always pop them.

    Bailey and Lexi would have a blast together playing ball.