Monday, November 1, 2010

MADCO Halloween Trial, Pt. 2

As promised, here are the runs from Sunday.

Masters Jumpers:

For some reason, Bentley cut in next to me at around 36 seconds.  The jump beforehand was slightly sliced, and he cut in towards me (heading towards the tunnel).  I should have handled it differently.  One thing that I was particularly proud of is that at 28 seconds he went into the tunnel, and shot out looking straight ahead at the next jump--not at me!  That is a huge improvement for him.

Advanced Standard--Q!:

Yay, a Standard Q!  Not so easy to come by, these days!  In all honesty, we got away with another missed dogwalk contact.  I was worried about his table...if you watch you will see him stand there, then look around (he notices something) and I have to ask him to lay down.  Whew.  I was pretty happy about how I handled the tunnel entrances.  Several dogs were going into the wrong ends of tunnel.  Knowing Bentley, I knew a RC would pull him into me, and I could flip him out into the right side of the tunnel.  Worked at both 17 and 37 seconds.  I also liked his weave pole entry as he was moving quickly and turning, and he got it on the first try!

Masters Snooker--Q!:

Bentley was really moving during this course!  It was an interesting set up as there was a start jump and a finish jump (unusual in Snooker).  That's why you see them head towards the far jump in the corner after the buzzer goes off.

Advanced Pairs:

This is why I hate pairs.  Bentley ran clean, but his partner got an off course in the first half, so they were eliminated.  We weren't mad at our partner or anything, but it seems silly that your performance relies upon someone that you don't know!

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