Monday, August 1, 2011

Recall to heel (foundation)

6 Recall Positions:
1. Foundation Recall to Heel (RTH)
2. Directed Jumping
3. 270
4. Extension
5. Serpentine
6. Backy up

Foundation RTH:

Drills: The dog is placed in a stay in front of a jump (though this is just the RTH in its most basic form, it can be used when the dog is moving), the handler moves across the jump facing the dog, and turns the outside leg sideways (the inside foot is facing the dog/jump). The idea is to get close to true collection. True collection is when the dog takes off for the jump at the jump’s height, and lands at the jump’s height’s distance away from the jump. So for our dogs, the dog jumps at around 16” from the jump, over the 16” jump, and lands 16” from the jump. The idea is that the handler lines up around 16” beyond the jump to force collection.

Two problems are often seen when working this drill.
1. Swinging: The dog aims for your back leg and swings itself over the bar.
2. Diving: The dog aims for your front leg and pivots into position.

In other words, the dogs attempt to use their athleticism to get into place.
To fix the aforementioned issues, try first working this drill on the flat.
a) First, recall and feed when the dog is facing you
b) Then, shorten the distance

To stop diving, the handler can move to the side (rather than the center). Sometimes you can correct one issue and create the other.

These drills are designed to help the handler know their footwork and also to build the dog’s jumping skills.

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