Saturday, October 8, 2011

Backyard handling

I wanted to work on some handling with both dogs.  Lexi always needs work, especially on the  more technical stuff, and Bentley is rusty so I wanted to see where we stood.

Both dogs did well..though Bentley was a bit rusty (both his fault and ours!) as expected.

We set up this short sequence based on a steeplechase course that we ran back in August.

Here's the video of both dogs, alternating dogs and trying different handling.

Lexi is a few seconds (2-3) faster than Bentley.  But the interesting thing was that her run with the FC is much faster (2-3 seconds) than her run with the RC.  Definitely a reminder to keep moving.  Lateral motion really helps her get her job done.

Also, you can see our outtakes where we just couldn't figure out the timing for Bentley to commit to the jump with a RC.  Always a weakness of his, it's gotten worse since we've spent all this time running Lexi.

The other night Lexi got to work on gambles.  We rarely work that with her because her default is to work away and grab whatever...but it was her birthday so we let her choose ;)

Here she is doing a masters gamble from a course map that I had.  I thought it would be easy, but she really wanted to come out and take that jump across from the tunnel (jump 1) rather than make that turn.  We had to work on it!


  1. Both dogs look great. You can really see the different commitment points on the rear cross in both dogs.

  2. Front crosses were always very motivating for Ricky. Lexi and Bentley both look really good!

  3. I love the outtakes. Bentley is saying, "what do you want dad? I'm going over there." LOL. He's been recovering, we'll give him that. And yes, always remember that FC's drive the dog forward (to you). Versus RC's, you make the dog slow down, because either you're behind them or not moving.

  4. Thanks guys!

    And yes, definitely need to use more FC with both dogs, but they will really help Bentley. Refusals are his NQ of choice! :)