Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indoor BRAG trial

We competed in our first indoor trial on Saturday.  Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I expected.  It was certainly the best Lexi has looked indoors.

If I remember I'll try to post the course map for Steeplechase (there were none for Adv. Standard...which is sort of annoying since they didn't have any at the last trial either) if I remember.

It was also a tough trial because we only had the dogs entered in a couple things, but we didn't want to get their too late.  There was no masters (due to the rule regarding size of ring, they can't hold it indoors at this venue) but there was only one ring so it went really slowly.  

First up was Lexi and Advanced Standard.  I'm one that loves to agonize over the course maps, so I felt a little off when I just had to walk the course to see the numbers.  It was probably the toughest Adv. Standard course I've seen.  That is not an excuse--they are definitely skills Lexi should have!  She just doesn't :) At one point there was a 3-way discrimination between an a-frame, a jump, and the teeter.  I made eye contact, but dropped too soon and she took the a-frame.  The second time we came around she didn't take the teeter.  But other than that, I saw some really nice stuff!  No insanely wide turns, and she was one of the few dogs that got into the correct end of the yellow tunnel.  Oh, and how about that weave entry?!?!  We've been working on them, and I was so proud!  (I should note that no dogs Qd on this course).

Next up was Jonathan running Lexi in Steeplechase.  Again, I feel like steeplechase courses are getting more technical, but Lexi was up to the challenge!  Just one mistake at the end (darn those tunnels!)  I think that if she had been on grass she wouldn't have gone out so wide coming over the jump at the end and would have made the turn.  The same I think is true for the weave entry.  I saw a lot of dogs miss that entry or not be able to hold onto it coming around that turn.

And lastly was Bentley's steeplechase run.  I wasn't sure what to expect since he hasn't run in over 3 months!  But, he ran pretty well.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't get at least one 2o2o, but his contacts were much better.  The second time he even slowed down coming down, just couldn't quite figure out the correct position.  Definitely more work to do, but at least he is aware that there is something he should be doing there! :)  And he took that off course because I accelerated over the broad.  He has a tendency to nick the broad (or tumble over it!) so I wanted to push him over, and I pushed him too far.  Darn!  


  1. Well done!! You guys look great. One thing you may want to look at is sometime you both will stand still on course ( like waiting onLexi out of a tunnel or trying to get her to turn tight over a jump) and I understand it. But I think Lexi needs to to run to the next thing so you are giving her information early. Standing still doesnt give any information. ( I really hope I didnt offend you by saying this). The only reason I noticed it was I used to do that with Miley, and sometimes still do. But really you guys looked great. Fantastic weave poles!!

  2. Diana, of course I'm not offended! I'm always looking for other opinions, especially since Miley and Lexi are alike.

    And you're right--it's funny because I watched Lexi's steeplechase video and was struck by how much Jonathan just stood and waited for her, then I realized that I do the same. I know that we did it to manage/over handle certain turns, but it isn't very helpful information-wise to Lexi. Jonathan says he did it to "compensate for the flooring" but I think he would have done the same on grass. I think we've gotten burned so many times by Lexi going around things that we stop and baby sit them--but we should stop doing that.

    Thanks for the input!

  3. You all did well at your first indoor trial! That's one thing about OH that you will have all the time - indoor trials. As a matter of fact, I have never trialed outside!

    Here is Kathy's (from Agility Adventures)link to her weave challenge:

    It was really fun and we learned a lot. I'm sorry because I should've posted this link each time I blogged about it.