Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get on the Ball--the end (for now)

This weekend we are traveling to Charleston and will be returning our friend's "Get on the Ball" products.  I've really enjoyed using them with the dogs, and once we're making a bit more money will definitely be looking into purchasing at least one balance ball (my favorite was the balance disc--the one in the video-- because it's not too huge, and easier to use) for the dogs.

I think they really helped Bentley regain his strength, and REALLY improved Lexi's rear end strength.

Of interest to me, as usual, was the difference in how my dogs approached the balls.  You can even see in the video how hesitant Bentley is.  Even after using the ball for a few months (and yes, I admit we were not as diligent as we should have been) he is hesitant to jump on, and still isn't comfortable getting into a sitting position.

Lexi, on the other hand, would just throw herself on and hang on for dear life.  Most of the time she managed to hang on (giving herself a great work out in the mean time!) but she kept the disc rocking quite a bit.  Despite the motion, you could tell that she was very much aware and in control of her weight distribution and easily progressed to being able to do "dog pushups" on the ball.  If I had it for longer, I would eventually get her to sit up as well, but that would take a bit more work.  Even though she is moving the ball more as she is on there, her legs rarely shake (as opposed to Bentley's), and every time we take the disc out she jumps right on it!  I was also able to get her to rotate around on the ball without too much trouble.

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  1. Lexi is queen of the ball! It is amazing how comfortable she feels up there. And Bentley was doing better too. I have never used a balance disc like that but I like it a lot. We have a big egg and Ricky likes to get on it but I am not very diligent about it either.