Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homecoming! LCDA Trial--Lexi

Lexi had a great weekend.  She seemed happy to be outside with her friends and doing her favorite thing!

Lexi Advanced Jumpers--Q!

Jumpers has been fairly difficult for Lexi, but we've seen great improvement in her attention to us over the past few months.  We were anxious to see whether or not it would pay off, and I think that it has!  Although her turns were wide, she was very aware of where I was, and what I was asking her to do.  She did skip the tunnel at the end because it was "too hard" something that Stuart clued us in to months ago.  The tunnel entrance was at an angle (hard to tell in the video) and making it in would have required Lexi to slow down, and she preferred to keep going fast and go around.

Lexi Advanced Pairs--Q!

Another really nice run for Lex.  I thought her push from the weaves to the tunnel was excellent.  What a good girl!  Note here that her teeter is fine...more on that later.

Lexi Advanced Gamblers--Q!

I changed my plan at the last minute (bad handler!) and because of it my cues through the middle of the field were muddled, but other than that, she did excellent.  No problems on the gamble, my little gamblers girl!  (Again, no problem with the teeter)

Lexi Advanced Standard

Well, here the wheels sort of fell off.  My biggest concern is what happened on the teeter.  We've had a lot of issues with Lexi on the teeter where she'll have some incident (or not even have one) and decide that she doesn't like the teeter anymore.  I was so worried that this was another one of those.  She obviously just got really worried (this teeter tipped a lot slower than the one she's been practicing on) and just made it worse for herself.

After the trial we tried to put Lexi back on the teeter and she wouldn't get on.  She refused it, and wouldn't even bang it.  I was so upset.  We worked so hard to get her back to where she is totally confident on the teeter now.  Well, we went back the next day and I lowered the teeter really far down.  I was afraid we'd have to start all over again (we lower it and let her find the tipping point at a height/bang sound where she is comfortable).  She got on it immediately!  I raised it inch by inch and she was perfectly fine.  Let's hope that holds true from here on out!

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  1. Nice runs! JWW was really good and I liked the post turn to the weaves in the next run too! Seems like all dogs are plagued by something - Ricky has many issues but the chute is huge. Glad to hear that Lexi was able to get on the teeter again after the trial! Try not to worry - it takes so much of the fun out of it! :)