Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homecoming! LCDA Trial--Bentley

Had a great weekend this past weekend.  We were in Charleston for a long weekend as Jonathan had an interview (yes, we could be moving back) there.  Of course, we had to cram in at least one day of agility while there, and it proved to be very much worth it.

I'll start with Bentley's weekend.  To sum it up...he was very happy to be out there!  He was excited, and had a blast.  He did his thing where he totally ignored me to grab off courses, though, so now that he's healthy we're going to have to work on it.  Not sure what he's thinking!  Also, our teamwork was a bit off, but I think it's just because we're rusty.

Bentley Masters Jumpers

I debated the whole time if I should lead out push or keep him on my left and RC, but I was afraid that he might take the tunnel.  Clearly my choice was not a good one!  Then he read my moving FC as a go, and took the double off course--what a weirdo!  The end was nice.

Bentley Masters Pairs

Bummed because with Bentley's one mistake, we ended up over course time.  Weirdly enough, we were right at SCT (not including the mistake).  I didn't think either dog was that slow, so I guess the SCTs were tight.  Bentley's weave entries were off all weekend--just needs a bit more practice since he's had so much time off.  I should also point out that Bentley slowed down on the DW, but then jumped when I encouraged him to come down into his 2o2o.  Naughty!  But, I expected some of that.

Bentley Masters Gamblers

Not a great run...again, we haven't really been in sync with Bentley since he has had so much time off.  Gamblers is just not his thing...but that's something to work on for another day.

Bentley Masters Standard

Wait for it...wait for it...HE GOT HIS DOGWALK!  2o2o!  I could have cried!  He jumped his teeter contact, but the teeter was very different from the ones we've been working on.  It tips a lot slower.  He stopped where the teeter started to move, so he just hopped right off.  Usually he is in the yellow when he stops.  Definitely his best run of the weekend.  Oh, and he did miss his a-frame (judge didn't call it), but I definitely expected that.  We need to do a LOT more work on that.

The next day I dropped by the field, and Bentley nailed his 2o2o on the dogwalk and the a-frame each time.  So clearly now we need to work on his position when he's excited.

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  1. He looks great!!! Congrats on the contacts!!!