Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lexi's on Lock Down

Previous set up...
Well, Lexi thought she had it bad before...
We have been keeping her in the x-pen when we're home.  But today she took off and ran across the yard (totally my fault) and immediately started limping.  It was slight, but it was a hitch for sure.  I'm so frustrated with myself.

So, sadly for her, she's on pretty much total lock down now until our next vet appointment (not for 10 days!)  We replaced the x-pen with her crate, and unless she's being held or we're taking her out, she'll be in the crate.  Unfortunately, Lexi has one speed--up up and away!  When we go to pick her up she ALWAYS jumps up to help.  It's cute and helpful when she's not hurt, when she's hurt it's hard to get her to stop.  So she's always jumping a little bit.  Also, she tends to jump and spin some in her x-pen.  Naughty girl.

She is very unhappy with us, though she has been enjoying a variety of frozen items in her Kong (banana, green beans, peanut butter, yogurt, kibble, treats, you name it).  Doesn't taste as good as freedom, though.


  1. Poor thing. It is so hard to keep bouncy dogs from running/jumping.

  2. Yep, sounds just like Miley. I would stress myself out with worrying and trying to keep her calm. I gave up. Spinning her her crate, I felt, wasnt good. So I let her be in the living with gates all around. I put boxes on all the furniture so she couldnt jump on any of it. I put my bed on the floor so she wouldnt have to be crated and spin. I sat on the floor on a mat when watching TV so she wouldnt want to jump. In the yard, I made a small pen off the deck (8 X8). So in case she got out, she could only go to a small area and not run across the yard.
    Dont beat yourself up about her running across the yard. It going to happen just do the best you can. And now you can see why it takes so long for the muscle injury to heal because dogs just dont take it easy and in an instant the pull the muscle again. So they are "rested" for several months to make sure they are healed or you are right back where you started. Dont worry, the "resting" will end. It feels horrible right now but when you look back it wont seem that bad.

  3. I highly recommend that harness. Mistakes happen, don't beat yourself up, but the harness really helped me keep a handle on her and stopped the spinning when she was excited. :( so sorry you have to go through this.