Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 25 and A-Frame Day 1

Another catch up post.  A few days ago we didn't make it out to the field because of an impending storm.  We didn't want to miss a day, so we tried Bentley on a low A-Frame.  Here's the results.


Reps:  20
% Success:  90%

1.  Identification.  We incorrectly identify 2 jumps as strides.  He only missed 2.

2.  Flying the top.  The top of the frame looked better as we continued to practice (and he got more confident).

Day 25
We finally moved the dogwalk up to full height!  And, Bentley did AWESOME!  This is obviously going to require a good deal of maintenance, but I feel like we've come such a long way since one month ago.  I'm so proud of Bentley, and even a little proud of us for sticking with it!


Reps:  30
% Success:  95%

And since this has become an agility blog, I'm adding one more video.  If anyone knows us, they know that Bentley is the most velcro of all velcro dogs.  The idea of working away from us is very foreign to him, and he has barely eeked through Starters Gamblers.  Honestly, he can get out to our side, but he won't get out in front of us (the whole idea of independent movement).  Well we have made GREAT strides.  We had a seminar with Stuart Mah who told us we were babying our dog.  He emphasized that Bentley needs to learn to take responsibility to get his job done.  So, we've been working on "get out" using pinwheels.  That combined with the out training with the dogwalk has really helped.  Without further ado, here's a video showing his progress with the "out" command.  It may seem very basic, but this is a HUGE stride for us, and I am so so proud.

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