Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Frame Day 2, Lexi Sequencing

Second day of Bentley on the A-Frame at a low height.


Reps:  18
% Success:  94%

1.  Height.  We will definitely be raising it up as he did excellent here.
2.  Tops.  He is learning to fly the apex.  Check out his last one--beautiful!

We also started Lexi on some beginning movement and sequencing.  We haven't done much yet, and haven't even broached the subject in our intro class, but we wanted to go ahead and get her moving with us (and to nip her herding in the bud!).

I was very impressed with how quickly she caught on.  We did some front crosses out of tunnels, lead out pivots, and rear crosses to tunnels.  She is much more obstacle-focused than Bentley so it's interesting to train her.

Front cross out of tunnel:

Lead out pivot:

She knocks 2 bars in the second video, but she hadn't knocked any all day.  I think she may have just been tired.

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