Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ICS Trial

This past weekend we had a trial at a new local club (yay!) called International Canine Stars.  It was a small trial, and we enjoyed it.  Bentley and I didn't have a great weekend, but were able to sneak out with an Advanced Standard Q (FINALLY-YAY!) which resulted in his Advanced Agility Dog title.  I was quite pleased.

Of course Bentley and my husband Qd every day in Snooker...but that is his strong suit!

I won't comment on all the videos (it WAS a 3 day trial), but my general observations are this:
1.  Bentley can get his dogwalk contact when not running quickly.  He was able to get his contact when the table was the obstacle prior to the dogwalk.  Therefore, he could not gain any speed.
2.  Bentley was entirely TOO handler focused over the weekend.  We had a few really horrible runs (jumpers, especially) because of this.
3.  I was too late and vague with a lot of my commands.
4.  Bentley's weaves were off this weekend (he only got in on the first try once!)

12/31 Masters Jumpers

12/31 Masters Snooker Q!

12/31 Advanced Pairs

12/31 Advanced Standard

1/1 Advanced Gamblers

1/1 Masters Jumpers (so close!)

1/1 Masters Snooker Super Q!

1/1 Advanced Standard Q Title!

1/2 Masters Jumpers

1/2 Masters Snooker Q!

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