Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January LCDA Trial

Another not-so steller weekend for Bentley.  But, I came away from it with some really good information.  I'll briefly summarize under each run.

Masters Gamblers

Not a great run...but the gamble was impossible for Bentley anyways, so we weren't too upset.  Only 2 masters dogs Qd on this particular gamble.  At least Bentley's a-frame contacts were good.

Masters Jumpers

This is the run that really frustrated me the entire weekend.  I felt that Bentley was not performing the way that he could, and was pretty upset that a rear cross was what threw him off in this run.  It was a tough run (and the refusal at the RC really was a tough spot), but I couldn't help but feel very frustrated.  It was this run that made me realize how differently I handle Bentley in a trial versus in practice.  I made it my goal for our next jumpers run for me to provide him with clearer information.

Masters Pairs

Yuck.  Our friends Liza and Curzon weren't too mad at us for this run, but the good thing is that we will get to pair together again.

Masters Standard

Bentley's first masters standard run.  Honestly, it could have been worse.  I still don't know why he went around the a-frame, though, and it was at this point that I started feeling a little down about his performance.

Masters Jumpers

A much better run than the first jumpers run.  I was frustrated that he went around that jump (not sure why that happened), but after that I tried to run faster and be more vocal (since I wasn't "protecting the Q").

Masters Snooker--Super Q!  Snooker Master Title!

Of course, our obsessive little snooker dog did great.  He did knock the third red, but he still had enough points to Q, and since the other dogs were eliminated, he got his final Super Q to get his Snooker Master.  He only needs 2 more Qs for his Snooker Champion!

Masters Standard

I was pretty proud of this run.  It was tough, but Bentley did great.  He got into his weaves nicely (many dogs didn't get the entrance) and the portion from the teeter on was really nice.  I tried to scare him into his dogwalk contact (hey, it was worth a shot!) but no such luck.

Grand Prix

Last run of the day...yuck.

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