Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Lexi's Weaves

Lexi's weaves are coming along...this is a slow process.  I have a video from about 10 days ago that shows her on the weaves at the house with no wires.  She misses them once.  The end of the video has a clip of her in the weave-o-matics.

Although she is weaving at home with no wires, it is taking a bit of time for this to translate to the real weaves at the field.  I'm not sure if it's the weaves, the location, or the spacing (ours are 22", the field has 24").  We have had to backchain a little with the help of one our trainers and use our hands to get her started with the weaving motion.

Sunday at run-thrus Lexi weaved the entire 24" weaves with no help from me!  Of course I lined her up square with them, but I was so proud!  We will just have to keep working them.

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