Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clean runs!

Really enjoyed our class tonight.  Both Lexi and Bentley ran clean (and were the only ones to do so on the first attempt) and I was very proud.  I took the time to draw it up because I was so pleased with their performance.

Diana was kind enough to actually put it together with the Clean Run Course Designer.  She is the best.  Thank you, thank you Diana!!

Here's how I handled it with Lexi.  Maybe I can get Jonathan to chime in tomorrow with how he handled it with Bentley (I forget!)

Front cross from 2 to 3, send to the tunnel.  RC flip from 7 to 8 into the tunnel.  RFP from 8 to 9 over the a-frame (yes, that's an a-frame, ha!)  No forward motion, but a release/send with my arm out to push her over 10, and a FC on the landing side of 10.  Lexi on my left into the weaves and around over the a-frame again. Forward send over 17 and a FC (serious decel!) to 18 to get the 180 and avoid the pinwheel.  RC on the flat between 19 and 20 and send to the tunnel.

A few notes.  My trainer recommended that I send over 17, trust Lexi and FC between 18 and 19.  I tried it and it actually worked out nicely, though I'm not sure if I'd see that/try that myself.

The only slight bobbles in the original run were the fact that she ran into my leg at the landing side FC at 10 (though she was trying to get on the correct side of me) and then I almost pulled her completely off of 18 because I decelerated to much.  I was able to save it and push her over without a refusal.


  1. Great map. I knew what everything was except the teeter. LOL. Great job!! I redid your course map in Clean run course designer. Ill see if I can send it to you and let me know what needs to be tweeked. Im going to set this up tonight.

  2. Tough course!! Congrats on running it clean!