Monday, April 30, 2012


So my last post was about our "wins" from our previous trial (over 2 weeks ago now!)  Here are a few opportunities from my point of view, and then my husband's.

My Opportunities:

  • Run.  Be Confident.  Trust Your Dog.  In so many videos I am standing, waiting, jogging, or worrying about the dog's performance.  I have to trust that my dog knows his or her job.  And if they don't, then I have to go back to train more.  But, this has to be the biggest difference in how I run in training and how I run in a trial.  
  • Timing and Clarity of Cues.  I really need to work on my timing.  I tend to give directions too late, and then make up for it by giving them too early.  I think the more we work on this, the better we will get. 
  • Stay Positive and Have Fun!

Jonathan's Opportunities (he came up with these):
  • Be an Active Participant in the Run (Be Less Passive).  More often than not the dog controls the run, and not him.  He wants to dictate the pace of the run.
  • Take Control.  (see above!)

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  1. Sounds good. I think it is cool that you and Jonathan do agility together. I think my husband and I might kill each other! Haha!