Friday, June 29, 2012

Bentley Update--And Boredom

 There has been a lot of this going on these days....
Lian (over at Knights Shelties--check them out!) asked me how Bentley is doing, and I do owe a quick update.  We kept him on crate rest (with just a few walks here and there--no jumping or running) for 10-14 days.  Obviously no sign of pain or limping because we weren't letting him do anything. 

Then we started working on strengthening--increasing walks (still short, though), and some ball work.  We also worked some hind end awareness in small bursts.  He showed no signs of pain, stiffness, etc...After increasing his walks and strengthening, we decided to put him in an agility-like environment.  Jonathan set up a jump box (no bars) and asked him to run and make some turns.  Again, no signs of any issues (except maybe him being a bit over-enthusiastic!).

We have still been holding him out of strenuous activities like running, chasing, etc...much to his chagrin.

This past weekend we decided to put the bars up to 8" for him and try doing something where he picked up a little more speed.  We set up two jumps to a tunnel, and then two jumps out.  I watched my husband run him and felt that he was jumping funny.  I can't decide if it's all in my head (maybe he was just jumping low/hopping over the bar because it was SO low), or if something is wrong.  So, he's back to crate rest and no fun.  We still have an appointment with the orthopedic vet on Monday, so hopefully he can help us figure it out one way or another.

I really hope that it's all in my head and that he will be cleared (entirely plausible as I'm a bit of a worrier!).  I'm worried about him!

Of course, we've been hit with the nationwide heat wave, and so both dogs have basically been confined inside all week.  They are not pleased, and the amount of boredom barking has increased tremendously!  I'm hoping we can get Lexi back to the beach tomorrow to burn off some energy.


  1. I hope it's all in your head too. But best to listen to your gut in cases like these.

  2. It is hard after an injury. You constantly see things. Is that something? Wait maybe that was something? Ive spend hours walking behind my dogs video taping. LOl I hope your vet visit goes well and everything is fine.

  3. Hope Bentley's vet visit on Monday goes well! I had the same feeling like yours when my dogs aren't feeling well too.

    The tabs of the blog to show links to pages about the dogs was all done by Rosie and I've to admit that I don't know how to do it at all. I asked her about it but she said she doesn't know how to do yours as you're using a different layout (I don't know what I'm talking about now, it seems we're using the normal blogger ones and yours is different.) She might check it out when she is free. Sorry that I can't help.

  4. Fingers crossed that you find out all is well with Bentley!

  5. I agreed with Sara and Diana. I suggested a longer rest is better. I know it is pain but it is for long term as I have done a couple of mistake like this with Saturn. I thought he was fine and rushing him back to agility and he was ok for a while but then turned worst. I am resting Sizzle this season due to his unknown injury. The main part of me is feeling left out from Agility but inside, I know I did the right thing for him.
    Also, if you were to do something little with Bentley, best to video him as most of the time, it is in your head and you keep thinking he is "not right". If you can compare video from time to time, you can see a better and clearer picture. Good Luck with the handsome boy!

  6. Strange! I thought I left a message here yesterday but it isn't here when I came to have a look.

    Anyway, about the question that you asked me earlier, the blog layout is all done by Rosie and I've to admit that I don't know how to do it at all. I asked Rosie about it but she said you're using a different 'system' which is different from what our blog is using so she isn't sure how to do it either. (I hope this makes sense as I didn't know how to put it right : ))

    I hope Bentley is okay and the vet visit goes well tomorrow.