Friday, June 15, 2012

Bentley's Bored

As I mentioned in my last post, Bentley was limping last Saturday (just once) before our second run.  I've been concerned all along that there is something going on, so we took him to our vet to see what he thought. The vet did a snap test (for Lyme, etc...), and then took x-rays.  Nothing showed up.  The only thing the vet noticed was that Bentley resisted (just the slightest bit) when he extended his hips.  I asked the vet about iliopsoas, and he seemed to brush it off.  The vet said that we should just try to take it easy for a bit, but he felt it was just a little muscle soreness.

I got home, and started to worry.  What if it is more than that?  I have really been looking forward to showing at USDAA Regionals this year, and both our dogs have byes to the second round of Grand Prix.  I don't want to hurt him by asking him to run if it's something more serious.  I have a vet friend who told me that many general vets don't know much about iliopsoas, and I know a few people whose dogs have this issue.  I know it's a long and difficult rehab process, and I want to get started doing the right things if that is what it is.

Of course the only symptoms we have is his ONE incidence of limping, and his slight resistance to hip extension.  It honestly could be nothing.  But it could be something.  So, we got a recommendation from a friend for an orthopedic vet and will make an appointment for as soon as possible (though he has a long waiting period) and our trainer volunteered to take Bentley to see her vet/dog chiro. friend for a second opinion.  She is more familiar with agility-related injuries.  We can always cancel the appointment with the orthopedic vet if we want.

All that to say that Bentley has been very bored as he is on crate rest.  We put him in an ex-pen in the evenings and he is not a fan!

We gave him his early birthday present (his birthday is in July) to keep him busy.  Here both he and Lexi are working at the Nina Ottosson Magic toy for the first time.


  1. Was Bentley limping on a front foot? That doesnt go along with iliospoas. But what ever is wrong, rest will usually help. Blowing contacts esp the a-frame, and limping on the front, makes me thing shoulder. Like tendonitis. When Miley had a limp after doing an a-frame, next day it was gone. I took her to the vet. She was fine in full extension forward and backwards of the shoulder/leg when standing. When lying down, she full extended backward but going forward ( you get more extension forward when lying down) there was resistance. But it could also be a toe problem. Blown pads usually will causing limping too. I hope Bentley gets better.

    1. I'm kicking myself because I don't really remember how he was limping. I was getting ready to run Lexi, and Jonathan got Bentley out and took him outside. He came back in and I sort of glanced and noticed something was wrong and Jonathan said "he's limping". By the time I had finished running Lexi, Bentley was already back in the crate. I guess I never thought that that would be the only time he limped, so I didn't pay close attention to where he was limping.

      Jonathan said he thinks (though he didn't pay close attention either) that it was his back right. The vet said if he had to guess, he would have guessed back we really have no idea!

      Bentley also crashed the a-frame not too long ago so it could easily be a sore shoulder or front foot, but there are no other symptoms so we really don't know.

  2. Poor Bentley. It is always tough having an injured dog.

    I always find that our chiro vet is best at pinpointing injuries. So, I hope you get some good news there. Sometimes all Oreo needs is an adjustment, and then he's good to go.

    Hang in there.

  3. Hope the chiro guy can tell you more! Fingers crossed that it is just some soreness and he will be fine soon!

  4. Sorry to hear that Bentley has an injured foot. Hope everything goes well and it isn't a serious one.

  5. Oh poor boy! That's such a worried that we don't what caused the limping. I think rest and painkiller probably do for now and keep an eye.

    Hope he enjoyed his early birthday present ;)