Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime pt. 2

Here's evidence of our great weekend!  Lexi loved the baby pool that we got, and that combined with the sprinkler made for a wonderful few days for all of us.

I haven't posted anything about the cat recently because I've been worried about him, and it didn't feel right.  Those of you on Facebook have seen that he has been sick.

So here's the story:  the other day we got up and he had knocked down the bottle of Bentley's Rimadyl (I guess I didn't close the lid all the way) and 6 pills were missing.  We rushed Bimmer to the vet and he had to stay for 2 and a half days.  Apparently Rimadyl is toxic to a cat's kidneys, so we were really worried.  He went back in for his last blood and kidney profile test today, and he is totally clear.  Hooray!  Now he is sleeping off the entire ordeal and being extra cuddly!


  1. Those animals really know how to make us worried! Glad Bimmer is all clear. Phew!

    Love the picture of Lexi enjoying the sprinkle, what a happy girl!

    How's Bentley?

  2. Oh my, your cat is beautiful! I'm glad that he's going to be ok. How scary.

    We just talked about getting a baby pool for the dogs, but I'm not convinced my dogs would use it! How awesome that yours like it!

  3. Everybody is going to need a baby pool and sprinkler with the hot weather coming tomorrow! So glad Bimmer is ok!

  4. Bimmer is so adorable! I'm glad he's okay now.

    Both Mika and Eva never like to get themselves wet at all! I think they will run away or hide themselves nicely if they see a baby pool is filled up with water. LOL!