Sunday, July 29, 2012

Musings from a sad sheltie

Jokingly, we've always said that Lexi's outlook is that she wakes up and every day is the best day of her life. It's partially true!  She's happy and enthusiastic from the minute she wakes up.

And now, I say she says every day is the worst day of her life!  She's pathetic.  She's bored, she's whiny, she barks's terrible.  I feel awful for her, but she's also being a bit of a brat.

Before she would bark once before going outside, before getting her leash on, after being released (from a sit etc...) and now it's an onslaught of barking.  She doesn't get fed if she's barking and the other night we waited 20 minutes for her to stop barking/crying for 30 seconds!

She's still getting daily walks, but no running or playing or being on the furniture.  Because she's so excitable I can't really even work on tricks with her because she throws herself around so fast that I'm afraid she'd inadvertently hurt herself.

So, she's really miserable is the moral of the story.

She's gotten really sweet, though, when we get in the x-pen with her.  I sit with her in the x-pen several times a day and she crawls into my lap.  It's adorable! 

To catch everyone up on how she's doing, she seems fine.  Diana was nice enough to share her experience with rehab vets, and I decided that would be a good way to go.  I searched high and low and got a recommendation from two people.  And both people recommended a woman who works for the man that we took Lexi to see last week!

So, we decided that we are going to give her a month off from exercise, and then take her back in (our appointment is the first week in September).  Our appointment is with the main vet there, so hopefully he can give us some more information, and then tell us if he thinks rehab is the way to go with her.


  1. Poor Lexi :( Hope the month goes by quickly for you guys.

  2. Keeping a Sheltie quiet is one of the hardest things in the world. I also hope the month goes by quickly!

  3. Hi, take a look at my blog for posts for iliopsoas. In Fin it presented like a pattella problem at first and was missed diagnoised. One vet wanted to do exploritory surgery! Also for crate rest i LOVE the rough wear dog harnesses. I got the one with the handle on top. I had such a hard time keeping Fin from spinning so she wore her harness and when she came out I had a hold of her. I was also able to do some clicker work on a grooming table (give me paw, let me hold paw and trim nails. Good luck.

  4. Here is the link to the iliopsoas posts:

    Here is a link to the rough dog wear:

    :) I recommend finding a good orthopedic vet that has experience with sports injuries.

  5. I feel for Lexi, not easy to keep an active sheltie quiet. That's very cruel but it is very hard to tell them it's for their own good. Let's hope the miserable period passes quickly.

  6. Frozen kong with plain vanilla yogurt with some kibble mixed in. (no yogurt with nutra sweet) They help a lot. Go to PetSmart and let her watch all the little animals in the glass cages. Miley would sit for a long time watching our ferrets even though she wasnt allow to play with them.

    You may want to do laser treatments and ultrsound. I know it seems crazy but it will help.

  7. Oh, and here is another blog that the owners Border collie is recovering from an soft tissue injury.