Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Troubled Tuesday

I try really hard not to complain too much on my blog.  I don't want to be negative so I usually don't post on the nights that I'm feeling down.  But tonight, I have to get it out.

I'm having a crappy week.

First, work is incredibly stressful.  I'm working on a couple huge projects and not getting any direction from the people I'm working for.  Also, my contract is up on the 28th, and no one will tell me if they're going to re-up it or not.  I've given up asking because they won't tell me.  But that's super stressful.

And then earlier this week a coworker of mine said something really snarky to me.  I admit, I'm very sensitive...but it was unprofessional.  She is a bully and no one does anything about it.   I know I should just grow a thicker skin and get over it, but I can't.  I feel like I've been on the verge of tears all week.

Bentley has been on crate rest for about 6 weeks now.  He's being such a good boy, but I know he is really bored.  He's been so much more reactive both in and out of the house because he has no outlet for his energy.  He's been getting some long walks around the neighborhood which I know he enjoys, but it's just not the same.  I always said that I would retire him from agility when he got his ADCh, but now I know that he would be sad.  He really likes working along side us.

And now, icing on the cake, Lexi is hurt.  I'm praying that it's nothing serious, but I'm a worrier and with the way my week is going, I just don't know.  We were running a sequence in class and I put in a really late, crappy rear cross.  Because it was so poorly executed she turned late, and her rear left leg slipped out from under her.  I noticed right away she was hurt, though she didn't yelp.  I picked her up and we were done.  At first she wouldn't put any weight on it and was holding it up.  And then she at least would put it down.  We came home about 45 minutes later and at least she was walking on it (to go to the bathroom).  I gave her one of Bentley's Rimadyls (geez, now the whole family has had a few of 'em!).

 I thought I might cry.  Why do I keep hurting my dogs?  I feel like they are on a good diet and exercise regimen and now they are both hurt.  I feel so terrible.

I always prided myself on loving my dogs a ton, but knowing that they are dogs and not kids.  But laying in bed looking at Lexi in the crate (she hasn't slept in a crate in our house for almost 2 years now) I feel like a monster!  She looks so sad--my heart is breaking for her.

Is this terrible week over yet?


  1. So sorry - sounds like an incredibly crappy week! You did not hurt your dogs and you are not a bad mom. Hang in there!

  2. Oh Ashley, I feel so sorry for you. What a crappy week at work and now Lexi is hurt. I hope everything will pick up and is better for you. Big hug your way.

  3. I so feel your pain. Every time Miley is hurt I start struggling with if I should give up agility. You didnt hurt your dog. Things happen. If she tripped you and you fell and broke your arm, would you blame her? No , because you know she didnt mean it. Things happen. Try to give yourself a break. She will get better , it just may take time. I dont know anyone in agility whos dog hasnt been injuried.

    Mean people at work suck!! If it were me, I would call her right there on it.She will be embarrassed and probably wont do it again. Dont let people be mean to you. We let people get away with this crap and we shouldnt. ( i need to take my own advice. LOL)

    I hope today you feel a little better.

  4. I look at people I know that run their dog in agility, always Q, and the dog never is hurt and say, "How does that happen?" Between my friend and I we always have something going on that we have to learn about a new injury type, a new disease, etc. It truly sucks. All I can say is I hope it is just a little zinger and your pup is outta that crate soon.

    BTW, when people are unprofessional at work, I say, "Have I done something that hurt your feelings because I am astonished at how you are speaking to me. Please tell me what I've done so I can appologize to you and we can get back to work without all this drama!" This statement usually will ilicit an explanation that I wasn't expecting or behavior change. Good luck.