Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're Getting There! (Bentley's Recovery)

Bentley has now been on a restricted exercise regimen for 7 weeks.  The vet recommended 6, but we are trying to be very careful.  He has been able to be walked, and in the past week or so we've increased the length and intensity of his walks knowing that that was the first step to rehabbing him back to agility.

It's so hard to say if he is "ready"--though he certainly thinks he is!  But we haven't seen any signs of soreness or limping since the trial the first weekend in June, and his vet appointment where he showed some soreness was 3 weeks ago.  Since this weekend we've been jogging for 15-30 seconds at the end of his walks and gauging his body language.  He really is loving it and again, no signs of soreness or stiffness.

Last night we decided to take it to the next level.  He's been allowed to chase Lexi and Bimmer around the house for a few seconds here and there, and that combined with the running in the evenings, I wanted to get him in the yard to do some agility-like exercises.  I took all the bars out, and just did some easy handling to the tunnel.  He was in HEAVEN!  I was so pleased--he was a happy boy.  I know that he can be very stoic so I am watching him like a hawk.  He is still taking a Rimadyl in the evenings, but I massaged him when we came back in and again, he seemed fine.

I am so happy to see him out and running again. I really hope that this is the end of his muscle issue, but only time will tell.  We're going to keep going with the light running/swimming plan.   Tonight we're going to take him to class and let him run (no bars) in between classes to see how he holds up.  Hopefully our trainer can take a look at him and see what she thinks--I'm crossing my fingers!


  1. Hope he's back to normal soon. Resting is so tough for shelties.

  2. One of the things that was recommended when I was bringing Fin back from an injury was to hike hills with a flexi. Allowed Fin to trot a bit up hill and back without the running and turning.

    I had to do this without the other dogs because it became wrestle and chase with multiples. I missed what the injury was, but also strength/core exercises help as well (balance ball, sit ups, down-sit-stand-down, etc.)

    Good luck.

  3. Im glad Bentley is doing well and finally get to do more.