Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michigan (Pt. II)

Well, here I go trying to recreate part of the post that I wrote last night.  It will never be the same!

Masters Standard:
With Lexi, I am kicking myself for this run.  First of all, I was so proud of myself for being brave enough to try a backy uppy to a blind in a trial.  We have practiced that in class multiple times (even in opening sequences) so I thought we had it on lock.  I set it up nicely, and stepped back beyond the plane.  I’m not sure if I didn’t move soon enough so she launched out and away towards the off course, or if she was determined to take that jump regardless of what I did.  I think I should have moved forward right away towards the teeter, even though I did try to catch her eye before moving forward.

I did really like how I showed the front cross was coming as she was getting into the chute.  I think I got a better turn.  I can’t remember which trial it was, but I was having difficulty collecting her out of the chute for a turn, and I realized it’s because I wasn’t cuing it where she could see me. 

I’m not sure why she went around the table, and I’m a little worried about it.  Maybe I’ve watched Diana and Miley too many times, but what she does looks like she is stressing.  Maybe I just didn’t tell her soon enough?  Trouble is we don’t practice the table often.  I can practice it in the house, but that’s not really the same.

Then my lovely little one saved my you-know-what at jump 15.  Not sure if you can tell, but the angle is WAY harder on the course than it showed on paper.  I was all discombobulated (and behind), though, so I didn’t show enough lateral heading towards the dogwalk.

At the end she didn’t get into her 2o2o (which is odd for her) and then came off, so I didn’t allow her to finish.  She tends to rush through her contacts if she thinks she knows what is next, so I didn’t ask her to finish the course.

(We didn’t enter Bentley in Standard)

Grand Prix:
Another frustrating run for Lexi & I as well as Jonathan & Bentley.  We were so close! 

I first walked the course with a lead out, leading out past 2 with Lex on my right the whole time.  But once I got out there, I saw the angle at which she would have to jump the tire, and I didn’t think that was fair to her.  There is a big metal bar at the base of the tire, and I think it would have made it hard for her to judge the jump/maneuver it correctly.  I think the no lead out actually worked out well!

Please take note of the weave entry.  I think we have seen this about 5 times in the past couple trials.  It’s not a good thing for us (my FCs are poorly timed, and Lexi doesn’t have the independent entries), but everyone else, take note and practice!

Anyways, I came over the dogwalk and thought “Oh my gosh! We’re clean!”  And then I remembered the teeter.  The whole time I debated whether or not I should FC prior to the teeter.  If I didn’t, I knew she’d have to switch leads and that might be hard for her and she might choose to run past it.  But, I thought if I forced it, I would show too much motion going forward.  Anyways, I saw her come over the jump really wide so I said her name, and she dropped the bar.  Then I was all out of whack and didn’t work the push to the correct tunnel entry. 

And poor, poor Jonathan.  I know he thought he had it in the bag.  The biggest challenges for him were the contacts, which Bentley miraculously got (although they were naughty).  And then he didn’t work the tunnel entrance.  I don’t think any of the other 16”s qualified, so Jonathan was really bummed.  But it was a great run until the very end!


  1. Don't worry I don't think she was stressed at the table. I just don't think she knew she was going to the table. She was very excited huh? She is wide on almost all her turns. She'll get better don't worry.

  2. Both dogs and handlers looked great!! Sometimes I think it is better to mess up early on in the run rather than on last part.....

    Keep up the great work:-) I love watching you run and learning from your handling, especially the running start at the beginning. That is how I would handle it with Jefferson as well.

  3. Whats a backy uppy? I'm taking a euro-style handling course. There are so many new terms, it's hard to keep up.