Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things I Could Do If...

Things I could do if I wasn't at work 60 hours of the week...

Instead of writing a complaint post, which is what I want to do, I'm going to write about all the things that I could do if I wasn't working 87,679,689,097* hours a week.

*slight exaggeration

  • Train my dogs more than once per week.
  • Do Lexi's exercises every night.
  • Walk the dogs for 30 minutes every night.
  • Teach Lexi to stay which she has completely forgotten.
  • Teach fun new tricks.
  • Keep the house clean (in my old house when I wasn't working at this job I swept the floor twice a day.  I have slight OCD tendencies, so you could see how not cleaning could really contribute to my stress).
  • Make dinner (and not just something frozen).
  • Exercise.
  • Get a puppy.
  • Go to agility seminars (they are always held during the week here).
  • Take private lessons (instructor is booked in the evenings and gone on weekends).
  • Better hygiene (seriously!  My hair would be a lot cleaner if I didn't have to decide between that and walking the dogs!)
  • Spend more time with my mom and sister (only available time is 4-6 days out of the month since week nights I don't get home until so late).
  • Better relationship with Bentley because I could take him for a walk by himself and train him instead of having to decide between 1: no walk because he'll react and there will be too many other dogs out in the evenings so I can't train, or 2: walk with reacting and just picking him up and being totally irritated at everything.
  • Foster a sheltie.
What my ideal day would look like:
9:00 Gym
10:00 Walk both dogs
11:00 Grocery Store
12:00 Lunch
12:30 TV (yes, let's be honest, I'll be watching some TV)
1:30 Lexi training (agility or tricks)
2:00 Bentley training walk
2:30 Read a book (can't remember the last time I did that)
4:00 Both dogs training
5:00 Make delicious, healthy, awesome dinner for my husband
6:00 Dinner + conversation with said husband
7:00 Lexi's exercises
7:30 Short walk for dogs
8:00 TV/PJs/Awesome cuddle time

Of course, problems with this scenario?  How to afford any of it without a job!!!


  1. LOL, your ideal day plan looks fantastic!

  2. You forgot the morning walk and long leisurely breakfast. And if dinner is awesome, you should take more time to savor it, so dinner and conversation should be an hour and half, still lots of time for awesome cuddles at the end of the evening.

    I was off for all of January and do you think I got much house cleaning, dog walking or much of the training done that I had planned. Hard to keep to any schedule when you think, oh, I can just do that later.

  3. Well, my house will probably never be clean no matter how much time I have off. Sometimes when Im trying to decided what to do I think, if I was on my death bed, would I think, I wish I could clean my house one more time or I wish I could go walk with my dogs one more time. The walk always wins! Hopefully when its light longer you will have more time to do fun things.