Saturday, February 16, 2013

Michigan (Pt. III)

Masters Jumpers:
ARGGHHHHH!  That is me being annoyed at myself for not working my FC better.  Also, why am I standing around so much?  I just need to focus on MOVING and trusting my dog.  I think I say that all the time, but really struggle with it.  I guess it's  question of confidence.

I still got a wide turn with the backy uppy at the beginning, but without the blind she at least didn't go winging off to another jump.  After I send her to the tunnel (9) I just stand and watch her.  Why?  Who knows!

I was really surprised that my arm motion threw her out over 14 in the pinwheel and she went wide and missed 15.  Again, I stood and watcher her.  But it's a question of chicken vs. egg.  Did she go wide because I was just standing there?  Or was I just standing there because I saw her go wide?

Then the end was quite nice--how I collected her out of the tunnel and she ran on ahead of me.

Bentley had a pretty much perfect run.  Can't think of any critiques other than I held my breath briefly at jump 16.  I think Bentley thought about going around it because Jonathan was ahead of him.  I think Jonathan did a really good job this trial of staying ahead and getting front crosses in to keep Bentley motivated.  It worked really well, but it is a little frustrating to see Jonathan so far ahead and see Bentley basically at his "top speed".  Still, this was a really nice run for both of them.  We've discussed that going forward maybe Jonathan shouldn't send him and get ahead of him, but wait for him, and then accelerate away from him.  I think that may help Bentley to accelerate as well.

Steeplechase Round 1:
Well, we saw another one of my dreaded weave entries here.  Bummer.  I'm getting (somewhat) better at the front cross, but that's with a stopped contact.  Really need to train that entry!  I was really pleased with her turn into the weaves after jump 12.  I was really worried about the timing of getting her there without her grabbing the back side of 7, but I decelerated and I don't think she even considered taking 7!

And then, big mistake!  I was so surprised that she got right into the weaves that I was much farther ahead of her than I planned.  I blind crossed WAY too early and pulled her out.  Entirely my fault.  Then I had to slowly get her back to the beginning without her taking any of the jumps.

But, even with that, it was a nice run and a Q.  I love love loved her rear cross at jump 18.

Jonathan and Bentley had a nice run for Bentley's Tournament Master--Bronze (15 tournament Qs, at least 2 in each event).  So proud that we have come so far with our little guy!

If I had to be nitpicky about the run, I would say that he should probably have replaced the rear cross at 9 with a front, and I think he could have saved a second or so heading back into the weaves by asking for a tighter entry.  Bentley has the skills, and doesn't need that much room on the approach (unlike Lexi, who needs the space to line up).

Steeplechase Round 2:

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