Monday, February 11, 2013

Michigan Trial (Pt. I)

I am SO mad!  I just spent an hour posting about our trial, and everything was lost.  I even saved it along and along, and I got kicked out.  I came back and everything was gone.

Now it's too late, so you'll just have to read about Gamblers, since that's the only part that saved :(

We went up to Michigan for one day of a trial, and had another tough day.  A lot more "almosts"!  I decided that I don't like traveling (4 hours one way) for one day of a trial, because then when you don't do awesome, it feels like a waste when you don't get the results you want.

Masters Gamblers:
Lexi and I started off the day with a really great gamblers run.  We didn't qualify (it was really hard--the jump was really far from the line and you couldn't get past the weave poles to show any forward motion.  The course map is different from the course.  The weaves and jump were parallel), but I still felt like we were in sync.  And I was able to send her back out to the a-frame, and she went on ahead of me at the end.

Bentley, well, didn't really do so well.  For the second trial in a row I couldn't send him to a tunnel right in front of me.  So we were whistled before even attempting the gamble.  I was pretty bummed and didn't get him in the right mindset, and I couldn't get him out of handler focus and off of my leg.  So no, we don't need to see video of that!!

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  1. Lexi's run was great. Oh so close to getting the gamble. Darn.
    Blogger must be having trouble because my stuff was all messed up too.