Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Incredipaws Day 1

(Someday soon I'll post about training and other things...luckily this is our last trial for a month, so we have some time to train and blog in between!)

Masters Gamblers:
Lexi:  My RC was too late, and I didn't have any more pushing to do once she got to the jump.  In other words, she and I got there at the same time, so I had no where to go to indicate for her to go out.

Bentley: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.  Heartbreak!  This is the first dogwalk contact he's missed in MONTHS.  But, you can feel the energy of the entire place change when Bentley got on the dogwalk, and Jonathan got all amped up, and pushed him too hard.  As much of a bummer it was, it proved to me that he DOES have the skills, and that we will get there eventually :)

Masters Standard:
Lexi:  How many times is a random thing going to go wrong in Standard?  And it seems like every time it's something different!  Lexi LOVES tunnels.  Never in her entire little life has she ever come out of a tunnel.  I think she must have hit the wall or the dogwalk legs (she banks heavily on the sides) and got either weirded out or confused.  I got such an amazing, amazing, amazing turn in the pinwheel headed towards the chute that I stopped and told her what a good girl she was (and was consequently out of position) but I didn't care.  I was pretty dang excited!

Grand Prix:
Lexi Q:  This made my whole weekend!  It wasn't a perfect run, and you can see me show too much forward motion into the tunnel (I was worried after the previous run's tunnel incident) and she goes super wide and almost misses the teeter.  The judge called a refusal because he was convinced (and so was I!) that she was going to miss.  But, he took the refusal away when she climbed on at the last second, and barely put her little toe in the yellow.  But my very favorite part was that fast weave entry out of the chute.  Good girlie.  With this run she earned a first place and another bye!

Bentley:  Darn that a-frame!  Nice run, otherwise.

Lexi Q:  Good run.  Luckily the judge from this weekend didn't give us a lot of tough weave entries, so that was a plus!  We really do need to work doubles at speed, though, because she has dropped a lot of them over the past few trials.  Unfortunately, I don't have one at home.

Bentley Q:  Tricked into getting the a-frame contacts, Bentley had a nice run!  Actually, he beat his sister :)

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  1. Wow, that Masters Gamblers would have been tight time wise; five obstacles with the dog walk. Bummer about Bentley missing the contact but at least like you said you know he has the skills.