Monday, April 15, 2013

Indy Day 2

Masters Snooker:
Not much to say about this run.  Lexi beat Jonathan out of the weaves and his push was too late--pushed her right into the off course.  Oops!  Really nice recall to heel though :)

Bentley Q:
I don't usually run snooker (ever) so when I do, I try to pick an easy plan.  Bentley doesn't need Super Qs, so I just went with the easiest plan and 3 reds.  Not sure why he dropped the bar, but I had a lot of fun running him again!

Masters Standard:
Lexi:  I thought this was a great run.  We got a lovely weave entry, even though the bar fell.  I think it was my fault as I was pushing her line a little bit to line up the entry to the weaves.  I'm okay with that!  One day she'll keep that bar up and we'll get a Q :)

Steeplechase Finals:
Lexi: (Ignore the terribly naughty scooting at the beginning...)Amazing run!  Got a great turn the second time to the a-frame, got a nice push out of the tunnel and into the weaves.  Also quick released the a-frame, and it didn't mess her up the rest of the day!

Grand Prix:
Lexi:  And how do we go from the above, to this mess?  Yikes.  The dogwalk was my fault.  I was so worried about getting a good turn at the red, that I watched her (make a bad turn) and then didn't get there to set her line up the contact.  She was okay, though I'm sure she'll need an adjustment when we go to the chiro.

Of course I wasn't upset about her dogwalk, that was my fault and I was glad she was okay.  But I wanted to mark it when she broke her a-frame contact, so we missed the tire (8).  And then, she cut behind me at jump 13.  I was not happy about that at all.  I should have just kept her on my left and RCd the weaves, but I didn't think she had that skill (she proved me wrong, clearly!)  And then she cut behind me AGAIN at jump 16.  Not allowed.  I think I said "stop cutting behind me!" haha!  And then she took down jump 16.  Seriously.  What a mess.

Bentley:  I guess he watched Lexi and wanted to top her crazy antics, because he certainly did!  He jumped his a-frame contact (par for the course, these days), and he just ran around the ring.  I have no idea why.  He has never, ever done that before.  So bizarre!


  1. Your Grand Prix run says unavailable . On Bentleys run, I think he was sure he knew where he was going after the aframe. When he realized Jonathan wasn't there, it took him a few seconds to find him. I don't think it was true running around the ring, like Miley does. Lol.

    What a great weekend you guys had!! Congrats!

    1. Actually, this is from two weekends ago, which wasn't all that great. I think the only thing Lexi and I Qd in was Steeplechase (typical!) You're thinking of this past weekend's trial which was pretty good. I'm just super far behind in my posts!

    2. LOL, sorry. You guys still look great!

  2. Lexi's snooker was a bit like Beckett's this weekend. He redeemed himself with a Gamblers and Jumpers Q.