Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indianapolis: Day 1

I guess being inconsistent just means that we have a lot to learn!

Masters Gamblers:

Umm yeah, this was just too hard for both of our dogs!  That jump was SO far away.  I thought Lexi might have a chance if I pulled her back and sent her, but I was angled slightly, and didn't pull her back enough.  Bentley, well, Jonathan set up for the turn too soon and it wasn't even close!  (As a note, notice Lexi's weave entry in this run...nails it).



Masters Standard:

Lexi: I really am not sure why she dropped the first bar.  Bad luck, I think.  Honestly, I was kind of glad in the end that she dropped that bar because if the weaves had been her only mistake I would have been very sad!  Really loved her convergence to the teeter--that is not something she excels at so I was really proud.  This is the exact same weave entry as in gamblers, and she didn't hold onto it and did her weird stressy run that she does now when she doesn't think she can stay in the weaves (not sure if you can see it, but she gets into the first pole then runs past).  But the mistake pushed me out of my comfort zone and I handled the end as a push, not a cross and it was nice and faster than a cross would have been.


Lexi Q:
Knowing her struggles, I love her first weave entry in this run.  But, it cements the fact that the entries on her right are harder.  Clearly the turn at jump 13 was not our plan.  She read my deceleration as a rear cross.  And then did her stressy weave pole thing :(

Bentley:  Bentley has always had trouble being called off a tunnel entrance for a closer one.  He gets set on one and goes for it--no amount of name calling or eye contact makes a difference if he gets locked on.

Masters Jumpers:

Lexi:  I can't even watch this run I'm so mad at myself about it.  Seriously.  What an amazing run.  But I forgot the course.  WHO DOES THAT?  Lexi looked stellar!

Bentley:  This was definitely Bentley's best run of the weekend (year?!?)  He was up in the 5 YPS, which is flying for him.  Jonathan had a great mix of getting ahead of him and accelerating with him.

To sum it up:

Things to work on for Lexi:
1.  Weave entries at speed.
2.  FCs at speed (not allowing her to cut behind me).

Things to work on for Bentley:
1.  Distance/Gamble work.
2.  A-frames.
3.  Opposite entry tunnel sends.


  1. Everyone forgets a run now and again. You guys are looking so smooth and your handling is very nice. That Gamble was really hard!

  2. I dont think Lexi is stressing at the weaevs. She is a dog who is running full speed ahead and doesnt want to collect. Plus she is hard to run because she is already looking for the next obstcale probably before you are. I think you should show some deceleration , let her load into the weaves and then blow pass her, that will help her get in there. I know that dogs should get their weave pole entries no matter what but I think if you just help her load with a deceleration cue, she will get in there. She is just flying and may need that extra help. As for getting lost on course, everyone has done that. LOL